Fail to configure NSX for TKGI: Cannot find vlan and overlay transport zone connected with these 2 edge nodes

After all this playing around lately, my Lab was behaving weird already. Also, with Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Integrated v1.8.1 released and the added Beta Support for VDS v7, I decided to do a fresh install.

While rebuilding my Lab, I hit a weird error:

At first I wasn’t sure what this error is about and I haven’t found more specific log entries. But after I while I “accidentially” found the reason.
This error appears because the nVDS name(s) within the EDGE Nodes do not match any nVDS configured in the relevant Transport Zones.
In my case, I haven’t set any nVDS names in the Transport Zones, hence it fall back to the default name “nsxDefaultHostSwitch

My EDGE Node in turn has a single nVDS-Switch called “nvds-edge-1“.

In order to fix this issue, I simply had to rename either one. I choose to change my EDGE’s nVDS name to match the Transport Zones.

This solved my problem, and the TKGi Installation continued =)

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